VISIONPRO Global is a technology driven company focusing on the sales and services of ophthalmic equipment in Africa, we have been in business since 2005.

We are Exclusive Distributors for ….. Kanghua Science and Technology Inc, Mingsing Optical China, TOMEY, UNICOS in the West Africa region. Also we presently represent companies with products like DIATON, ACCUPEN, ACCUPACH, RM Autorefractors etc.

We are also in collaboration with VisionSystems Inc USA and Optometric USA.

VisionPro is also the manufacturer of LightBox-series of Visual acuity charts, Ophthalmic Surgical tables and Instrument tables.


Our Vision is to be a major player in all the market we operate in, both as a Ophthalmic Instrument sales company and as a Ophthalmic instrument Servicing company.


We supply various types of ophthalmic products including Slit-lamps, Automated Visual Acuity Charts, Automated Visual Field Analyzers, Fundus Camera, AB Scanners, etc.